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In my backyard, I have a well-stocked bird feeder and a shiny new birdbath. But as of now, no birds. birdbrain j forrest group creating urgency jason forrest new home sales training new home sales training and development new home salesperson new home salespeople

I got all the recommended equipment, but after seven days of staring out at a full bird feeder and vacant birdbath, I was left wondering where I went wrong. When I asked my friend Julie (an expert on the subject) what I should do to attract my winged friends, she said, “They don’t know it’s there yet. Where do you think the term birdbrain came from?”

She gave me a few tips for getting the birds’ attention, saying, “It takes more than the old adage, ‘if you build it, they will come.’” Ahhh…words of wisdom from someone who also happens to be an X factor sales professional.

Is this what we expect in our new home communities? That if we build top-of-the-line model home parks with “perfect” landscaping, signage and displays; the customers will come? What is the missing ingredient? Like Julie, X factor new home sales professionals know that you have to take ownership of your model as well as ownership of getting prospects to visit.

Going beyond basic marketing and engaging in community networking, partnering with Realtors, and extraordinary follow-up can make or break a new community.

Now I am working on getting the word out to the animal kingdom!

Sales Tip:  X Factor Sales Professionals drive 50% of their own community traffic by understanding why their homes, neighborhood and builder are the best in the marketplace and personally inviting prospects, community organizations, and Realtors to visit. X Factor sales professionals do their part to Be Sales Ready!

Jeanne Conger, J Forrest Group’s National Sales Coach, has 25 years in the industry; experience with public and private builders; and over 900 hours of real estate courses under her belt. She is truly an industry expert. While she has worked in design studios, marketing departments, merchandising departments, and sales management (she coached a sales team of more than 100), Jeanne enjoys nothing more than being in the trenches.

Jeanne specializes in turning around laggard communities, helping sales professionals generate traffic, providing hiring consulting for sales managers, and coaching design center sales professionals. Learn more about J Forrest Group’s new home sales training programs.