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Jason Forrest
Chief Sales Officer

Jason Forrest-Forrest Performance GroupAs a sales professional, author, professional speaker, and consultant to homebuilders, Jason’s job is to help sales professionals increase sales and retention rates through Leadership Sales training.

Jason grew up under the influence of his father (a business owner and professional salesperson), his mother, (a persuasive speaking professor), and Zig Ziglar (his Sunday school teacher and world-famous salesperson/motivational speaker). Jason learned sales by selling rather than observing.

These influences and experiences shaped him into who he is today—a salesperson first, a trainer on a mission, a national speaker, and a coach who pushes sales organizations to become the best version of themselves.

Corporate clients include The Villages, Woodside Homes, Beazer Homes, Centerline Homes, Pardee Homes, Grand Homes, and many others. Every year, Jason delivers approximately 92 keynotes/seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, sales managers, and executives. Click here to see him in action at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

Jason shares his extensive knowledge of the art and science of selling in his books, Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market, 40 Day Sales Dare, and Leadership Sales Coaching.

Jason lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Shelly, and their two kids, Saunders and Mary Jane. They are also the proud owners of a playful Goldendoodle named Happy.


Jeanne Conger
National Sales Coach

Jeanne Conger-Forrest Performance GroupWith 25 years in the industry; experience with public and private builders; and over 900 hours of real estate courses under her belt, Jeanne Conger is an industry expert. While she has worked in design studios, marketing departments, merchandising departments, and sales management (she coached a sales team of more than 100), Jeanne enjoys nothing more than being in the trenches.

At Forrest Performance Group, Jeanne partners one-on-one with sales professionals and leaders to solve the challenges that come with an ever-changing housing market. She specializes in turning around laggard communities, helping sales professionals generate traffic, providing hiring consulting for sales managers, and coaching design center sales professionals.

As a real estate broker, certified graduate builder, and certified green professional, Jeanne is a lifelong student. She continues to search for knowledge and shares her sales wisdom in her upcoming book: Sales Leadership for Smart People.


Jamie Clark
National Sales Coach

Jamie Clark-Forrest Performance GroupHaving started his career in construction and construction management, Jamie knows what it takes to transform a piece of raw dirt into a home. He knows it’s more than bricks and mortar and that relationships are key. Jamie has developed superb communication skills in his experience with a wide variety of people and situations.

His reverence for selling and belief that his purpose is to improve people’s lives serves him well. By helping prospects to communicate their needs and by extracting objections, he leads them to a resolution. Jamie believes that the better he is able to assess his prospects’ needs and understand their objections, the better value he will provide.

Jamie has owned and managed 10 businesses and personally understands the passion, energy, and risk every business owner takes by flipping the “open” sign on the door. His great respect and understanding for entrepreneurs and business leaders allows him to relate to them in a very personal, genuine way. He knows that they are the motor that drives the world and feels it’s his mission support their success in any way possible.


Laura Casciano
Project Manager

KB4_8928wfs*retouchedLaura keeps the operation running smoothly by managing Forrest Performance Group’s speaking, training, and webinar schedule; preparing and distributing training materials; and managing everything related to customer service.

As a strong believer in “a place for everything and everything in its place,” Laura is perfect for keeping up with the constant flow of information and material in and out of Forrest Performance Group.

Laura traded the long winters in upstate New York for the warmer Texas weather and enjoys being able to jog year-round with her German Shorthaired Pointer, Belle. Laura also enjoys reading and cooking in her spare time.


Alicia East
Communications Director

Alicia East-Forrest Performance GroupAlicia manages Forrest Performance Group’s media and marketing materials, including online and offline communications.

Alicia’s background in sales and real estate gives her a big picture perspective on the industry, while her marketing and writing experience provide an eye for detail and allow her to create, fine-tune, and polish Forrest PG’s written materials. Alicia is annoyingly attentive to grammatical detail, but enjoys breaking the rules when she does so with a purpose.

In writing, Alicia’s best friend is simplicity. In life, her best friend is her husband.



  • We are the culture change experts and believe that true change begins at the top, occurs from the inside out, and requires long-term coaching, rather than short-term training.
  • We believe in the art and the science of sales. And we teach both. We coach sales professionals on skills and processes (science), but also provide experiential learning so that they reach a point of self-assurance and confidence (art) in their sales process.
  • We are different because we address beliefs, not just behaviors; we are sales professionals ourselves; and we have sold in difficult markets.
  • We are sales professionals, we are coaches, we are the culture change experts.

Selling: the Forrest Dynasty
Jason Forrest is a sales professional first and foremost, and understands sales by selling rather than observing. With a sales professional/businessman for a father and a persuasive speaking professor for a mother, selling is in his blood.

Jason comes from a line of sales professionals, and sold his first diamond at eight years old in his father’s jewelry store. At family reunions, they tell sales stories. It’s the Forrest dynasty. Unlike some sales trainers who are performers or orators first, and sales professionals second (if at all), Jason is a sales professional to the core.

Key Accomplishments

Jason is the author of Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market and 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales. He is the creator of Leadership Selling® and Leadership Selling® for Coaches, a 33-week blended-learning training curriculum for new home sales.

Jason’s Mission

To redefine the purpose of today’s sales professional.

Jason’s Beliefs

  • Buyers don’t react negatively to selling or to sales professionals in general. Buyers react negatively to dishonesty, unhelpfulness, and/or boring behaviors that sales professionals sometimes project.
  • There are two types of sales professionals: those who participate in the process, and those who influence it.
  • The more a person focuses on their behaviors, the less they focus on their circumstances.

As you’re looking for a sales trainer, ask yourself:

  • Do I want a successful sales professional, or a sales theorist?
  • Do I want a speaker/trainer that gives me advice, or one that tells me what I want to hear?
  • Do I want a coach that puts “skin in the game,” or one that gets paid regardless of results?

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